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Ekaterina from Michigan: 


We love the HoldOn Homegrown Healing Salve! It did miracles for us not only for various daily uses and repairing beat up climbing hands, but also in a medical case, after the prescribed medication couldn't help at all. It proves essential for competitive swimmers as well, providing excellent care and relief for the dry and itchy skin after the prolonged time in the pool. The aroma of the salve is mesmerizing and I find it therapeutic by itself. HoldOn Healing Salve has become essential for every member of our family. We are so grateful for it! Having access to the pure healing powers of Nature is a true privilege. Thank you for making this possible!


Angela from Kentucky: 


I love the scent from the essential oils, the texture of the moisturizing ingredients. and they have amazing customer service! I was so glad when they took my suggestion to make their salve into a bar! I wish I had this stuff when I lived in Helena, Montana, the driest place I've ever lived. I would've saved about a gallon of the lotion I used there if I had this stuff.

It feels so glorious to apply after a hard workout on the wall, and it goes on wounds nicely.

Thank you, HoldOn!

Jeff from Montana:

Combine the cold dry MT air with ice fishing without gloves, heavy sanitizer use, and occasional bouldering with the kids, and my hands are taking a beating this winter! HoldOn hand balm is all over the house and I especially use it before bed. It absorbs well, and prevents/treats cracking skin on my fingers, thumbs and knuckles. Oh, my dermatologist recommends (and carries) it too!

Sheryl from Minnesota:

Highly recommend for not just climber hands (though it is perfect for climbers too). Not greasy. Super soft. Smells fresh and sweet without being at all too much (I don’t do smelly lotions). My hands and feet are loving it. Amazingly well made and great to support an awesome family business!

Cyprian from Chicago:

Hold-On Skin Repair has worked in magical ways. It repairs my skin after a variety of activities! With this healing salve your skin will feel rejuvenated. I have in person experience with the product being made. It’s truly a beautifully natural process.

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