Our Product

As climbers, our hands take a beating. Over years we have never been satisfied with the skin products we've tried. They either didn't work or felt greasy on our hands, and many of them had unnatural ingredients that we didn't want to put on our skin.

We had used the plants in our gardens for a variety of other items, including skincare products. The results were effective and pleasing, so we decided to try making a climbing-specific salve. From there, we tested and experimented with different ingredients and proportions until we settled on the product that became HoldOn Climbing Salve.


All of the herbs in HoldOn Climbing Salve and in our All Purpose Skin Repair are grown on our family's homestead on the South Shore of Lake Superior. We infuse organic olive oil with healing herbs from our gardens. Then we melt together local beeswax, shea butter, and the infused oil. The result is a smooth, velvety salve that is perfect for healing all of your splits and flappers. But HoldOn Salve is not just limited to climbing, as it also works well on chapped lips, cracked hands, bruises, scrapes, dry skin and cuts.

1 oz Climber's Skin Repair  $10+Shipping

2 oz Climber's Skin Repair  $15+Shipping

We also have an All Purpose Healing Salve!

Both of our salves are made with the same powerful homegrown ingredients, the ratio of ingredients is what makes each unique.  The Climbing Salve has more bees wax and is therefore firmer.  The Healing Salve is softer and easier to dig into.  The Healing Salve also has less Essential Oils (only lavender) so if you have sensitive skin, that would be the better option.  Both can be used on every part of your body.

1 oz All Purpose Skin Repair $10+Shipping

2 oz All Purpose Skin Repair $15+Shipping